Next move: Forced out of coding, where should I go?

The question: Forced out of coding, where should I go?

The question: Forced out of coding, where should I go?

I have started suffering from finger pain due to too much typing, so I am having to think about looking into other IT jobs that do not involve as much typing. I can see three possibilities: IT training, sales or recruitment consulting.

At 30 years of age, with eight years' development experience (mainly in Java), what would be the easiest option to get into? What would be the best paid? I would consider myself to have reasonable people skills, and I am quite outgoing, though I may not be as aggressive as many sales people often are.

The solution: Work in what you are passionate about

What are you really passionate about? With eight years' development experience I would guess it is about taking a client's requirements and developing something that meets their needs through your own knowledge and skills.

The three options you have identified could well be good choices, but why not try technical presales? It is a midpoint between the coding coalface that you have enjoyed in the past and what can often be perceived as the "aggressive" world of hard sales.

You are ideally placed to put the past eight years of hands-on experience to good use. Through presales you can talk to people about technology you understand, and be the expert who helps people understand whether what they want to do will work in reality. You can build on your experience and develop your customer-facing and sales skills without the need to cut deals and meet sales targets.

You may also like to explore acupuncture or physiotherapy to help with the finger pain. Your company, through its health and safety policy, should be providing you with a workstation assessment to ensure that your desk, chair and PC are positioned correctly to ease the strain on your fingers.

Solution by Kathryn Proudlock life coach at No Limits Coaching
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