MySQL 5.0 launch details and other big announcements in this week's tech news briefs

Short takes from this week's technology news

Short takes from this week's technology news

MySQLversion 5 to launch next month

Version 5 of the open source MySQL database is expected to be released next month. New "enterprise-ready" features in the  database have been added to make it a more viable alternative to products from the likes of Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. Improvements in error checking and the way procedures are stored in the database are among the new features.

Intel's Robson puts the boot into start-up times

Intel has unveiled a future technology called Robson that is designed to slash PC boot-up times and extend battery life. To cut start-up times, Robson pulls data and applications off an add-in flash memory card, rather than using the PC's hard drive. It is designed to speed both PC "on" times and the time it takes to start applications. Flash memory reacts quicker than a hard drive, cutting the time it takes to launch an application.

SAP extends Safe Passage to Siebel

SAP has extended its Safe Passage programme to Siebel Systems users, following the announcement of Oracle's planned acquisition of the company. SAP is attempting to persuade Siebel users that their investments in customer relationship management and other software are safer and could be cheaper in the SAP camp. Siebel users are being offered training, services, a roadmap to integration withSAP products, and up to 75% in credits to pay for SAP products such as MySAP CRM.

Computer Associates to buy iLumin

Computer Associates is to buy iLumin Software Services, which provides archiving for e-mails and instant messages. ILumin recently launched a new module for its main Assentor software, which enables firms to manage files across a number of different operating systems. The iLumin products will be rolled into Computer Associates' Brightstor storage management tools.


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