Java programmers can make easy .net switch

It should only take a month for Java developers to transfer their object-oriented programming skills to .net

Java developers can transfer their object-oriented programming skills to Microsoft .net in around a month, according to one company that found it was being asked to pay a premium for staff with .net skills.


Numero, which develops email routing software in Java and .net for customers such as Argos , JD Williams, Lakeland and Experian found Java developers soon learnt C#-based .net skills because of similarities in syntax and their shared object-oriented nature.


Adoption of Microsoft’s .net development framework is increasing quickly, with .net featuring in three times as many jobs ads as a year ago while those for skills in the .net programming language C# increased by four times, according to the recent SSL/Computer Weekly Survey of Appointments Data and Trends. The rises in remuneration this brought forced Numero to look at helping those with Java skills to learn .net.


Lawrence Harding, development manager for Numero, said, “We’ve found that experienced Java developers can make the change to .net quite quickly, perhaps within four weeks or so as long as they work in C# rather than Visual Basic. This is because Java developers are used to object-oriented development and automatically design with the maximum amount of inheritance and reuse, where a lot of people with Visual Basic .net skills just don’t think in an object-oriented way.”


He added, “Java people we’ve seen move to C# have had few problems because the syntax is very similar. The biggest issues are getting used to a whole new set of standard functions and libraries but it’s not a long learning curve, say three or four weeks.”

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