IBM launches data management technology

IBM has launched Federated Records Management, a technology to help companies manage and access data in different repositories.

IBM has launched Federated Records Management, a technology to help companies manage and access data in different repositories.

The software combines IBM DB2 Records Manager and IBM Websphere Information Integrator Content Edition into an integrated solution.

It is designed to simplify the central management of record-keeping policies for all distributed content in an organisation and can handle data no matter where documents and other content are stored and managed.

IBM said 75% of companies have two or more content repositories while nearly 25% have more than 15 repositories.

Automating consistent records management policies across an organisation is often difficult, due to the complexity and risk of custom integrations covering diverse and disparate content repositories.

IBM said the software also helps users identify, integrate, manage and analyse information in real time, regardless of the type of information, platform or vendor system it is stored on.

With Federated Records Management technology, IBM said records can be automatically declared, classified and managed throughout their lifecycle from virtually any end-user application or interface.

Records can be consolidated into an enterprise repository such as IBM DB2 Content Manager or left in their native repositories, but managed from a single integrated records management engine.

Federated Records Management also enables customers to quickly locate and access documents and records on demand for legal discovery and compliance purposes.

For example, any documents and records stored in the virtualised environment created can be automatically suspended so they remain unaltered and intact during the course of a litigation or audit.

"We are introducing a unique technology that will enable customers to more quickly and efficiently address their compliance needs to deploy electronic records management enterprise-wide," said Janet Perna, general manager for IBM Information Management.

"Clients are seeking a formalised approach to managing enterprise risk and compliance. This integrated solution will help them finally move away from disjointed records management tools which are insufficient for today's business environments," she said.

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