New Socitm president takes up challenge of service deadlines and efficiency savings

Canterbury Council IT leader takes office

Angela Waite, head of ICT at Canterbury City Council, has become the new president of Socitm, in what will be a particularly challenging year for members of the public sector IT directors organisation.

Waite took office at last week's Socitm Spring Conference, where members discussed the challenge of meeting government deadlines for electronic service delivery and contributing to a 2.5% efficiency saving called for in the Gershon Review.

"It is an opportunity for IT managers to demonstrate what they have been doing for the last five years in e-government - that IT is able to change the business itself," said Waite. "Now they can demonstrate that their work can also deliver efficiencies. It is a chance for ICT managers' voices to be heard."

Waite has been closely involved with Socitm's Best Value Group and was elected chairwoman of its successor, the Performance Management Group (PMG), in December 2002. With this background, she felt she could make a strong contribution as Socitm president.

"It is appropriate to be president this year because of my background in chairing the PMG. Now we are faced with the question, 'How do we measure efficiency, especially in non-cashable areas?' The work of the PMG is identifying those areas and looking at how we can measure them."

She said the key performance indicators that Socitm developed to measure best value had effectively become the standard measure of quality in IT service delivery in local government. Socitm would look to disseminate similar best practice for efficiency savings, she said.

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