'Zombie' cyber attacks from infected Chinese computers -- and more news briefs

Short takes from this week's news

Short takes from this week's news

Chinese computers used for automated attacks

Infected computers in China are being used as "zombies" - unwitting staging posts - for automated hacking attacks on corporate networks. Worldwide, more than 150,000 computers are being infected every day, with more than 20% of attacks originating in China, research by CipherTrust has revealed.

Fidelity first with IFX messaging standard

Fidelity National Financial has become the first major financial services organisation to adopt the technical standard for messaging in the financial services industry. Fidelity will use the Interactive Financial Exchange (IFX) messaging standard as the default web services language within its banking application suite that supports mid-tier and large financial institutions. Fidelity said it expects to develop services and products more quickly by using the standard and also lower costs for its clients.

IT training programme wins Queen's Award

The Institute of IT Training's trainer assessment programme, created to assesses the skills of IT training professionals, has been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise. The programme has been taken up by large employers including the NHS following its introduction in 1998. More than 60% of the FTSE 100 companies employ Tap-certified trainers.

Network Rail signs £4m telephone comms deal

Network Rail has awarded a £4m contract to communications provider Damova to standardise its internal telephone communications across the UK with an upgraded voice network. The five-year deal includes ongoing maintenance and consultancy. The new infrastructure will support fixed-to-mobile voice convergence for 32,000 Network Rail employees, and will help to integrate 15,000 new staff from engineering firms that joined Network Rail when the company brought maintenance back in-house.

SAP takes on staff as sales increase by 11%

SAP has reported an 11% increase in sales for the quarter ended 31 March, and headcount at the ERP supplier has risen by more than 3,000. SAP said revenue was £1.18bn, compared to £840m for the same period last year. SAP currently employs 33,200 staff - a 10% increase on the first quarter last year.

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