Lloyds TSB signs £170m outsourcing deal

Lloyds TSB bank has signed a £170m desktop outsourcing contract with Fujitsu Services.

Lloyds TSB bank has signed a £170m desktop outsourcing contract with Fujitsu Services. 

Under the five-year deal, which covers 70,000 end-users, Fujitsu will manage all desktop technology in offices and branches, across the high street bank’s UK operations.

The service from Fujitsu will include IT support, helpdesks and maintenance. Three hundred staff from Lloyd’s existing operational teams and their incumbent suppliers will move to Fujitsu under the contract.

Igor Andronov, director of Group IT, Lloyds TSB said: “Lloyds TSB is committed to driving its business forward and developing products to ensure it continues to stand out in an increasingly competitive financial services market. Fujitsu’s approach to managing our distributed computing environment allows us to work closely with them and use their skills to develop and continue to grow our business."

Last December Lloyds signed a £500m deal with IBM for the development of a new network. Under the seven-year deal IBM will help the bank build a new national high-capacity fibre network, supported by digital subscriber line and multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) data quality of service technolog

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