Microsoft pays out anti-trust cash

Microsoft is to pay PC manufacturer Gateway $150m

Microsoft is to pay PC manufacturer Gateway $150m (£83.3) to settle a legal dispute dating back to the Microsoft anti-trust case in the mid-1990s.

The money will be paid over a four-year period and Microsoft has set aside a further $550m (£305.5m) to settle anti-trust issues with other companies.

Microsoft said the money it is paying to Gateway will be used by the two companies to work together on the marketing and development of Gateway PC products.

As part of the agreement, Microsoft will provide funds that Gateway will use for advertising, sales training and consulting, as well as for research, development and testing of new Gateway products that can run current Microsoft products and Microsoft's next-generation operating system.

"Gateway continues to enjoy a strong relationship with Microsoft and we're pleased to put these legacy legal issues behind us," said Wayne Inouye, Gateway chief executive officer.

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