Integrated mobile phone protection is latest Trend launch

Trend Micro has announced the latest version of its mobile security solution.

Trend Micro has announced the latest version of its mobile security solution.

The new TMMS 2.0 offers enhanced virus and anti-spam protection for data-centre wireless mobile devices such as Smartphones. Targeted at device owners and mobile operators, TMMS 2.0 can be managed and provisioned through the TMMS Mobile Management Console, permitting mobile operators and enterprises to remotely equip, update and control the protection on client devices.

Industry experts predict that mobile threats will continue to increase. Already in 2005 a number of new mobile malware have been identified, including the VLASCO family; which uses Bluetooth to propagate, and COMWAR, which uses Bluetooth or MMS to propagate.

TMMS 2.0 offers increased device support with the addition of Symbian OS v7.0 with the Series 60 Platform (example: Nokia 6600, 7610). Pattern files can be provided "over the air" utilising the same method as mobile phone provider software upgrades, enabling rapid updates as new threats emerge. It is available for testing from Q2 2005, with volume deployments planned for Q3. 

"Mobile phones and wireless handhelds are tremendous productivity boosters, but these small devices are mini computers that inherit virus risks similar to other computers. As the network perimeter expands to encompass Smartphones, organisations need to consider security for such devices. TMMS protects popular devices from the major handset manufacturers," said Raimund Genes, president of European Operations for Trend Micro.

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