Website tool adds professional look to online stores and catalogues

Hostway, a global provider of hosting services, has announced UK availability of Merchant Manager (MM) 2.0, a website tool that...

Hostway, a global provider of hosting services, has announced the UK availability of Merchant Manager (MM) 2.0, a website tool that allows businesses to create professional looking online stores and catalogues.

The upgraded version includes new features that the company said are designed to make it even easier to manage an
e-commerce operation.

Rob Lovell, chief executive of Hostway UK, said, “One of the common problems in setting up an e-commerce presence is how to make it user-friendly, yet at the same time ensure that it has all the features necessary to carry out transactions in a seamless manner.

"We have listened to our customers’ requirements, and the upgraded release does exactly that, with the addition of new features that make it one of the most comprehensive e-commerce products currently available.”

The enhanced MM 2.0 tracks real-time visitor activity, monitors orders and inventory levels, and captures and analyses customers’ buying patterns. An updated store-building tool allows online businesses to attain customers' contact information and also to sort products quickly by quantity, date or type.

The product also provides businesses with an image gallery to redesign their websites’ product presentations with more graphic choices for stores buttons and layouts.

The tax manager feature has been revamped, and businesses using MM 2.0 will now also be able to offer their customers different delivery options for their goods, including an option for Royal Mail.

To make real-time credit card processing as flexible as possible, MM 2.0 comes configured for most of the key Payment Gateway providers such as PayPal, WorldPay, Secure Trading. Hostway will also offer Protx in the near future.

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