Arbor launches virtual perimeters for critical resources

Security systems supplier Arbor Networks has released a technology that allows enterprises to rapidly construct perimeters around...

Security systems supplier Arbor Networks has released a technology that allows enterprises to rapidly construct perimeters around critical network resources such as branch offices, datacentres and business units.

The Peakflow X virtual perimeter technology gives enterprises the ability to generate and simulate internal switch or firewall rules to protect their internal networks. According to Arbor, the solution solves the problem of securing internal network access controls that are otherwise too complex and risky to address.

Peakflow X is touted as the first security solution that can harden networks before an attack infects them and even before vulnerabilities are disclosed.

Arbor said that by using Peakflow X virtual perimeters, network and security administrators could segment internal networks and lock down dangerous applications and services to legitimate users only, while IT groups could regulate worldwide access to datacentres.

“A single enterprise perimeter is not sufficient to protect critical network assets,” said Tom Schuster, president of Arbor. “By constructing virtual perimeters, network operators are better able to harden critical parts of their enterprise networks, prevent attacks and internal misuse, and enforce regulatory compliance such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.”

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