D-link releases PoE switch

D-Link has added an 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) solution to its wide range of switches.

D-Link has added an 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) solution to its wide range of switches.

The DES-1316K is a 16-port 10/100Mbps switch with eight combined 10/100Mbps TP/PoE ports and eight pure 10/100Mbps TP ports, as well as two DWL-P50 PoE adapters supplied as standard.

The switch can be used for a number of different functions, such as supplying power to wireless access points or IP-based surveillance cameras without having to connect the AP or camera to an external power source via a wall socket.

It combines conventional 10/100Mbps Ethernet switching with an 802.3af standard power supply on Ethernet cabling of up to 100 metres. The switch has a web interface and eight of the 16 ports have PoE support.

The ability to supply power via conventional network cables makes the DES-1316K a central power source for IP phones and surveillance cameras, as well as wireless access points. This solution also avoids the need for such units to have their own separate power supply. 

The DWL-P50, the PoE adapter supplied with the DES-1316K, distributes 5V or 12V DC current to units without PoE support, and works with Lan switches and other units that have ports which support PoE.

The user connects the DWL-P50 to the access point, camera or IP phone, and positions the device where there is no conventional power outlet.

D-Link is a global manufacturer of broadband, wireless and networking solutions for SoHo and SME customers.

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