Isle of Man to build £5m voice and data network -- and other news briefs

Short takes on this week's news

Short takes on this week's news

Isle of Man to roll out voice and data network

The Isle of Man government is to install a £5m converged voice and data infrastructure, called Connect Mann. Dimension Data Holdings and Manx Telecom will build the network over three years as part of the island's e-government programme codenamed Jupiter. The Cisco-based network will offer IP telephony to 5,000 government employees across 12 departments in 189 of the island's government offices.

Oracle releases critical security patch

Oracle has released a critical security patch to fix more than 20 flaws across a range of its database, application and collaborative server products. Oracle did not release full details of the holes and how they can be exploited, but more information is expected to be made public once firms have downloaded the patch from Oracle's website.

IBM ordered to hand over AIX code to SCO

IBM has been ordered to hand over source code of its AIX and Dynix operating systems to SCO in the latest installment of the long-running Linux intellectual property rights legal case. A US federal court in Utah has ordered IBM to supply the code by 11 February, following a successful application from SCO, which wants to examine it to see if any of its code has been used in IBM products. IBM denies any infringement of SCO's intellectual property.

Novell to release open source Windows e-mail

Novell is backing a project to release a Windows version of its open source Evolution 2 groupware product. Evolution 2, which includes e-mail, diary and contacts list, will compete against Microsoft's Outlook. Evolution is already established in the Linux desktop market and Novell has developed software called Evolution Connector to link to Microsoft Exchange Server and allow collaboration between Windows and Linux desktops.

Firefox gains users from Internet Explorer

The open source Firefox browser from Mozilla is proving popular with users and making inroads into Microsoft's Internet Explorer's market share. Web analytics company said Firefox now has 5% of the US market. Internet Explorer has just under 90% of the market.

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