Netcraft launches free Anti-Phishing toolbar -- and other news briefs

Netcraft offers free anti-phishing toolbar

Netcraft offers free anti-phishing toolbar

Web consultancy Netcraft has developed a free-of-charge anti-phishing toolbar to help prevent corporate and domestic users falling prey to fake bank websites. The Netcraft Toolbar uses the company's databases of website information to show users the attributes of each site they visit, including sites' hosting location, country, longevity and popularity. The toolbar includes a display of sites' hosting locations at all times to help users validate fraudulent URLs.

Symantec releases patch for XP SP2 Trojan

Symantec has released a patch for a Trojan bug that attacks users who have installed Microsoft's Windows XP Service Pack 2 security software. The Phel Trojan is distributed as a .html file. Symantec said the main effect of the Trojan is to cause an overall degradation in performance on the infected machine. Microsoft is believed to be developing its own patch for Phel.

Program opens locked Office documents

ElcomSoft has developed a program which it says is able to open Microsoft Office password-protected documents. The company said its Advanced Office Password Recovery application is capable of recovering passwords for a wide range of Microsoft's business and office applications, including all components of MS Office.

Firms work on fast 'super 3G' technology

Mobile handset and equipment manufacturers and network operators have joined forces to develop faster "super 3G" technology. Japan's NTT DoCoMo, Vodafone, Cingular, Siemens and Alcatel are working together to make sure the next stage in high-speed mobile wireless data is ready after fledgling 3G services have become established. The group expects that the first incarnation of super 3G will be ready in about two years' time, with the partners aiming to introduce commercial super 3G speeds that are about 10 times higher than current levels.

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