Disability compliance via Vasco

With the Disability Discrimination Act coming into force last month, Wick Hill has announced a Vasco security authentication...

With the Disability Discrimination Act coming into force last month, Wick Hill has announced a Vasco security authentication solution to help visually and physically challenged users.

With many SMEs expected to struggle in complying with the Act, the solution helps people with disabilities to access web and IT systems which require secure token-based authentication.

Vasco's Digipass 300 Comfort is a PIN-protected, token-based authentication solution, where the size and format of the token display and keypad are designed to assist users with visual and other physical disabilities.

The tokens will typically be used to access computer networks and websites in areas such as local government secure services, the health service, banking systems, teleworking, remote access and wireless services. The tokens can secure internal as well as external access.

The Digipass 300 Comfort can provide authentication for IT systems access for office-based users as well as mobile and home-based workers. It is suitable for e-business applications such as e-banking, where customers might need authentication tokens to log on and perform online transactions.

Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of Wick Hill Group, said, "Many businesses are moving to secure token-based access to computer networks and this solution allows them to give equal access to all their staff.

"It's also a boon for pressurised IT and HR departments rushing for compliance. The Vasco solution can be used alongside other token-based security systems, so equal access can be quickly given to all staff."

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