APM Internet unveils e-mail security service -- and other news briefs

Short takes from this week's news

APM Internet offers secure e-mail service

E-mail security service APM Internet has unveiled an e-mail security service for businesses running their own mail server. The service includes anti-virus and anti-spam capabilities, and starts with a 30-day free trial and online sign-up. All customers have access to a control panel, which allows them to administer their set-up. The control panel also aims to remove the complexity from processes such as changing mail exchange records on domain names.

Company HQs get rival to leased lines

SwitchIP, the voice, data and videoconferencing supplier, has produced an alternative to leased lines that connect company headquarters to their wide area networks. Inpurple Procall uses SDSL broadband technology to deliver 2mbps of bandwidth upstream and down so users can gain access to the high-speed connectivity and bandwidth required to send, receive and process large amounts of information that pass through corporate headquarters.

Apache HTTP server at risk from remote attack

IBM has released an interim fix for two denial of service vulnerabilities affecting its open-source Apache HTTP Server V2.0. The company said the first bug could allow a remote user to launch a DoS attack that would cause the server to become unreachable by demanding a large amount of CPU resources. Users were also warned that the HTTP Server was vulnerable to a flaw in the Apache mod_dav module that could lead to a "child process" crash.

High speed broadband to boost teleworking

UK Online has introduced an 8mbps service. In a bid to attract teleworkers in cities and larger towns, its Broadband 8000 service will be available to more than 4.4 million homes by early 2005, according to the service provider. Upload speeds are up to 400kbps and the service costs £39.99 a month with a one-off set-up fee of £50, plus equipment costs.

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