Free booster jab from AVG

AVG UK has released an updated and improved AVG Free version of its industry-leading AVG Anti-Virus software.

AVG UK has released an updated and improved free version of its industry-leading AVG antivirus software.

"After five years and some 20 million free downloads we felt the time was right to release a new version of our free edition of AVG to allow consumers to benefit from the considerable improvements and additional benefits we have developed for our software," said Michael Foreman, partner at AVG UK.

The updated free edition has been substantially redesigned and engineered to improve the user interface and software capabilities. The result is a consumer antivirus solution that, according to the company, is easy to install and use.

AVG said that the program eliminated traditional disruptions associated with antivirus software such as having to reboot after every update, adjust e-mail settings or endure dial-up delays brought on by large update files.

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