IBM adds detail to Atlantic tools platform plans

IBM's Rational division has unveiled detailed plans for the upcoming IBM software development platform, codenamed Atlantic.

IBM's Rational division has unveiled detailed plans for the upcoming IBM software development platform, codenamed Atlantic.

Discussed at the Rational Software Development User Conference in July, Atlantic is set to focus on modeling and testing along with remote clients. The platform is due to ship later this year, IBM said.

IBM said new software development solutions in Atlantic are designed to help users innovate and increase productivity by improving communication and automating activities that span line-of-business, development, and operations teams.

"[Atlantic] is a big deal in the sense that first of all, obviously it is based on the Eclipse infrastructure that they have been working on all along and which has now become part of the open-source infrastructure," said analyst Amy Wohl, of Wohl Associates.

"Secondly, it is all about a much higher level of integration between the various parts of the offerings."

Atlantic is expected to feature technologies from the Eclipse 3.0 platform for sharing development artifacts. The Eclipse Hyades test and monitoring environment is expected in Atlantic along with support for the Javaserver Faces specification for building interactive web pages.

Tools planned as part of Atlantic include Rational Web Developer for Websphere software and Rational Application Developer for Websphere software.

Paul Krill writes for InfoWorld

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