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Japan's biggest electronics show opens to the public next week, showcasing the latest flat-panel TVs, mobile phones, optical...

Japan's biggest electronics show opens to the public next week, showcasing the latest flat-panel TVs, mobile phones, optical storage and more.

The Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies Providing Image, Information and Communications, better known as Ceatec, runs from 5 October to 9 October. It is expected to feature about 700 exhibitors, up from 667 last year, with about the same number of visitors (around 192,000) as last year.

The event's 2,700 exhibit booths will sprawl across eight halls divided into two main areas: one for electronic components, devices and industrial equipment, and another for digital networks. All the major Japanese electronics companies will be there, with many unveiling technologies and products.

One company keeping its products under wraps till the show is Sharp. The company said it would display either a new technology or new models for its line of Aquos LCD TVs, as well as its latest solar cell products and technologies.

Toshiba will also be highlighting TV - surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED) devices to be precise, as well as its latest LCDs, hard-disc drives and DVD players. All are products that the company wants to become a major source of profits over the coming years.

SED combines cathode ray tube and flat panel technologies for a brighter and more responsive picture than plasma or LCD and uses much less power, according to its backers.

Toshiba will also join NEC, Sanyo and Memory-Tech to display high definition/high density DVD technologies. The four are setting up a group to promote the format over Blu-ray Disc as the high-capacity optical storage replacement for today's DVD technology. 

NEC will also be displaying its latest technologies for VOIP, IP phones, mobile phones and RFID.

Fujitsu will be showing biometric security products that can recognise vein patterns, and a service robot that greets visitors and patrols the home, as well as broadband, storage and networking products.

Mitsubishi's exhibition will be split into an audio-visual zone and a network zone. The audio-visual zone will include a 37in high-definition LCD TV, a wearable display and various hard-disc drives and DVD video recorders. The network zone will focus on home security systems, radio sensor network systems, home RFID network systems, and the latest mobile phones.

Sony will be showing its "type X", a PC-type Vaio with a giant storage capacity of one terabyte.

The digital network part of Ceatec will feature 12 categories of home appliances, 10 categories of mobile network products, six categories of home network products, and eight categories of networking and broadcast products, including mobile phones and devices for downloading online music.

The electronic component part of the show will feature a semiconductor zone, an electronic display devices zone, and a batteries and materials zone with diverse technologies such as fuel cells, nanotechology and solar cells.

Paul Kallender writes for IDG News Service

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