BearingPoint lands massive US contract

The US Department of Homeland Security has awarded BearingPoint a $229m (£126m) IT contract to help consolidate and manage its...

The US Department of Homeland Security has awarded BearingPoint a $229m (£126m) IT contract to help consolidate and manage its vast financial resources and assets.

The contract, known as eMerge2, is designed to help gain control of accounting, acquisition, grants, asset management and other business operations across the 22 formerly independent agencies that now make up the department. 

"The terrorists are coming, and they're coming by land, by air, by sea and by cyber," said Darryl Moody, a senior company executive. "The DHS needs to know where its assets and resources are so that it can move and apply them where the highest threat is at that moment." 

The contract is a series of individually negotiated task orders, the first of which is a $3m conference-room pilot that will let the DHS test the complete system using real-world scenarios. The pilot is expected to last 60 days, with the entire roll-out taking two to three years. 

Moody said it was a "transformation program" with a very large ERP component rather than just an ERP project. "ERP systems are certainly huge, but this is bigger and more strategic." He likened it to a private-sector ERP effort tightly linked to supply chain management. 

"Every day, timely and accurate information is critical to the efficient and effective operations of the DHS, and with the award of this contract, we are one step closer to providing improved visibility into our critical business information," said Andrew Maner, chief financial officer of the DHS.

Dan Verton writes for Computerworld

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