CA gives BrightStor a boost

Computer Associates International is upgrading and consolidating its storage management software line and will now offer 13 new...

Computer Associates International is upgrading and consolidating its storage management software line.

CA will now offer 13 new versions of its BrightStor storage management line and a new product to better compete with rivals EMC and Veritas Software.
The theme of the release is integration, said Andres Lofgren, vice-president of BrighStor product management at CA.

"Our customers want integrated storage management products, not the traditional point products to manage their storage," he said.

For instance, CA's BrightStor Enterprise Backup and ARCserver Backup products have been combined into BrightStor ARCserve Backup, an integrated software package that lets customers manage backup and recovery jobs from the desktop to the datacentre on a wide variety of operating system platforms, such as Windows, Linux, Unix and NetWare.

It also supports databases and applications such as Oracle, DB2, Microsoft Exchange, PeopleSoft, SAP R/3, and Sybase. The newly integrated product also supports more than 100 storage arrays, tape libraries, San switches and servers.

"We believe that by integrating these packages companies can better utilise their storage infrastructure," said Lofgren.

The new product in the line is BrightStor Process Automation Manager, which provides integrated automation across all the BrightStor product lines. The goal of the product is to enable IT organisations to automate key storage-related tasks across the enterprise to ensure consistency with best practices, said Lofgren. 

CA has also introduced updated versions of its BrightStor High Availability, BrightStor Storage Resource Manager, BrightStor SAN Manager, and BrightStor CA-Vantage and CA-Allocate products.

"Taken together these products offer a complete view for IT managers to see, not just how the storage is being managed but to look at how the San is performing with an application," said Lofgren.

Managers can make informed decisions about resource allocation based on the business value of data assets and specific operational requirements, he said. 

CA also announced some changes in how the products are licensed. BrightStor 11.1 is available under CA's FlexSelect licensing program, but can also be licensed under the BrightStor Managed Capacity Pricing plan. That model is based on terabyte capacity, allowing customers to pay as they go.

All the new products will be available by the end of the month, according to CA officials.

Bob Francis writes for Infoworld

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