Integration is key to enterprise suite, says Oracle

The Oracle OpenWorld conference at Excel in London kicked off today with news of the latest versions of the company’s enterprise...

The Oracle OpenWorld conference at Excel in London kicked off today with news of the latest versions of the company’s enterprise software, which will focus on integration and industry support.

During his keynote, Oracle president Charles Phillips said the company had been focusing for the past five years on rewriting the 11i eBusiness enterprise software suite to create a single "data model".This allows various components of the suite to share information, he said.

Historically, suppliers built applications all the same way to support a business process or automate a problem using a database to store the data required by the application, he said, adding that this leads to "project by project stove pipes, which will work over time, but at great cost [to the business]".

"The only way to get data out is to aggregate this data in a data warehouse," he said. In the new release, called Oracle eBusiness Suite 11i.10 , the company claims to have improved IT integrations with third-party suppliers, in a bid to tackle the cost of integration.

Oracle also said the new release will offer wider support for industries like aerospace and defence, chemicals, consumer products, energy, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, life sciences, retail, transportation, travel and the public sector.

Sector-specific features include Oracle iRecruitment, which Oracle said supports staffing compliance in healthcare; RFID support for manufacturing and technology to meet the US Federal Drug Agency 21 CFR Part 11 regulatory requirements. The FDA requires electronic tracking of consumer packaged goods, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.

The company is also support for its grid technology within the 11i product - Grid, which allows an IT department to spread computation workload across a farm of commodity servers in the data centre, has previously been available on the Oracle 10g database.

With 11i.10, Oracle said it would be providing a plug-in called Oracle Grid Control, designed to simplify integration between the 10g database and the 11i enterprise suite.

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