SSA rolls out new ERP suite

Business software supplier SSA Global Technologies is rolling out its next-generation, web services-based enterprise resource...

Business software supplier SSA Global Technologies is rolling out its next-generation, web services-based enterprise resource planning and supply chain suite.

After months of delay, it plans to offer the software to its customer base as a future migration platform.

The SSA ERP LN 6.1 suite is designed to support lean manufacturing processes and industry-standard integration between applications.

SSA ERP also incorporates a number of the service-based technologies that had been developed by ERP supplier Baan, which was purchased by SSA in July 2003 from Invensys.

At the time, Baan had spent an estimated $100m (£55m) developing the next generation of its software, which was known internally as Gemini and would have been called Baan ERP 6. 

After acquiring Baan, SSA planned to demonstrate an early version of Gemini last September. But the project was put on hold because the software lacked integration with Baan's CRM and logistics applications, the company said.

One of the key features of the software is a portal-based interface that presents all relevant information on one screen, Eaves said. The interface is customisable so users can skip intermediate steps in, for example, a sales ordering process.

Other enhancements include support for pull-based manufacturing processes, where stock is replenished depending on actual customer demand rather than on forecasts. 

The company is preparing special migration tool kits for the customers of its Baan IV and iBaanV, SSA MANMAN and SSA MK manufacturing applications, which will help automate tasks such as data mapping when upgrading to to the new ERP suite. 

Early next year, SSA plans to release SSA ERP LX, which will be targeted at its process manufacturing installed base, including users of SSA BPCS, PRMS and other suites.. 

Marc L Songini writes for Computerworld

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