CT Labs verifies Acme Packet

CT Labs and Acme Packet have announced test results for the Acme Packet Net-Ne PAC session border controller in areas of...

CT Labs and Acme Packet have announced test results for the Acme Packet Net-Ne PAC session border controller in areas of performance, availability and capacity.

The tests were conducted using the Hammer NXT and Hammer Call Analyzer products from Empirix and the companies say that test highlights for the Net-Net "half" PAC with pre-beta software include: 450 call set-ups per second with media using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) with complete NAPT at layers 3 and 5, equivalent to 1.62 million busy hour call attempts (BHCA); 200 calls per second with media for typical 7 message SIP call flow including continuous call set-up and tear-down with complete NAPT at layers 3 and 5; no loss of active calls and no loss of ability to set-up or terminate calls when tested in the high availability configuration and subjected to individual Net-Net SR or SD failures; support for 50,000 active concurrent calls using G.729 codec; signalling latency of 1-10 milliseconds
Chris Bajorek, president of CT Labs says that the high density call test was unique in that all of the VoIP calls included both signalling and media flows, were individually set up and terminated, and used real world protocol sequences. He comments: "This test was significant in that the Acme Packet pre-beta results demonstrated a session border controller with very high density call handling capacity, quite possibly the best in the session border controller industry."
CT Labs tested an Acme Packet Net-Net "half" PAC consisting of one Net-Net Session Router (SR) and four Net-Net Session Directors (SD). A fully configured Net-Net PAC is a pack of up to nine 1U Net-Net session border controllers - one Net-Net SR and 8 Net-Net SDs and performs as one logical session border controller in 9U of rack space. The Net-Net PAC supports a single, unique signalling interface per peering service provider, enterprise customer or business/residential subscriber group.
A CT Labs test report is now available on Acme Packet and Empirix websites in July.


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