Cebit America cancels 2005 show

Organisers for the Cebit America IT trade show have announced that next year's event in New York has been cancelled.

Organisers for the Cebit America IT trade show have announced that next year's event in New York has been cancelled.

"Although regrettable this is the correct business decision," said Joachim Schafer, president of show organiser Hannover Fairs USA. "Cebit America is a terrific event but it has not generated enough revenue to justify a third year."

Cebit America officials said that rather than being a setback the decision to cancel the show "is a reflection of a changing high-tech industry as well as the overall US economy".

The demise of Cebit America was announced just six weeks after MediaLive International pulled the plug on this year's Comdex trade show, citing lack of support from major IT suppliers as the reason. But attendance at that show had waned in recent years, with fewer key industry announcements made during the Las Vegas event.

While the Cebit America show will not go on, Hannover Fairs USA "will continue to look for opportunities that focus on well-defined vertical markets and user groups", Shafer said.

International Cebit events in Shanghai, Sydney and Istanbul are successful and will not be affected by the decision in the US. The company's flagship event in Hanover, which is the world's largest IT trade show, is also unaffected.

Nancy Weil writes for IDG News Service

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