Opsware launches new version of server management tool

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Opsware Inc., formerly Loudcloud, Monday announced a new version of its data center automation tool...

Opsware, formerly Loudcloud, has announced a new version of its datacentre automation tool called Opsware System.

Opsware System 4.5 and another new product, Opsware Extension Builder, are designed to automate any server process and technology, and both can be integrated with existing IT management systems, said Sharmila Shahani, senior vice-president of marketing at Opsware.

The latest version allows users to create custom-made reports and write custom modules for functions and extensibility to all patch management or deployment management systems, she said.

The products will be sold as part of the Utility Data Centre product from Hewlett-Packard and will be available independently starting sometime in the fourth quarter. Pricing will start at £645 per server.

Shahani said existing customers have used the automation product to reduce the number of server administrators needed, cutting the number of administrators from one for every 15 servers to one for every 200 in some cases.

The basic product was first used by Loudcloud when it managed systems, networks and storage for customers such as Electronic Data Systems. When Loudcloud became Opsware in 2002, Version 3.0 of Opsware System was launched, with Version 4.0 appearing last autumn.

Matt Hamblen writes for Computerworld

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