Nokia to use disputed BlackBerry patents

Disputed Blackberry patents licensed by Nokia

Nokia will license five of NTP's patents for use on its mobile phones.

The BlackBerry patents on wireless e-mail technology that will be used are currently being disputed by Research in Motion and NTP.

NTP said that Nokia had agreed to license five NTP patents for use on Nokia devices. The Nokia 6820 mobile phone has not been released in the US with RIM's BlackBerry software pending the resolution of a patent dispute between RIM and NTP.

A Nokia representative could not be reached for comment.

RIM's BlackBerry software allows handheld device users to access their corporate e-mail over wireless networks. The technology has been extremely popular on handheld devices from companies such as PalmOne and Nokia.

In 2002 a US federal court ruled that the BlackBerry software infringes upon patents held by NTP founder Thomas Campana for a wireless pager system.

Campana died last week, but NTP was formed to protect his patents, and its various shareholders will keep the legal matter going, said an attorney representing NTP.

Tom Krazit writes for IDG News Service

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