Outsourcing association to help UK members find work overseas

The UK's National Outsourcing Association has launched a European arm to help UK members find work overseas and share research...

The UK's National Outsourcing Association has launched a European arm to help UK members find work overseas and share research and secondments with their counterparts in other European Union countries.

The National Outsourcing Association, whose members include users, suppliers and consultancies, is developing a recruitment section on its website. This online resource will list the latest jobs and career opportunities across the European outsourcing market.

The establishment of the European Outsourcing Association follows the expansion of the EU to incorporate 10 additional countries last month. Some of these Eastern European countries are challenging Asian countries such as India in offering low-cost outsourcing services.

The European Outsourcing Association will be an advisory body and forum for outsourcing professionals throughout Europe, in response to the global growth of outsourcing.

The body already has members in France and Germany and intends to establish associations in each participating European country. It is forecasting a rise in intra-European outsourcing and offshoring activity following the integration of the new EU member states.

Countries including Poland and Hungary have expressed an interest in entering the international outsourcing market, having already contacted the National Outsourcing Association to establish contact and find out more about the outsourcing market in the UK. These countries plan to market business process outsourcing and technology outsourcing services to companies throughout Europe and the world.

The main objectives of the European Outsourcing Association organisation include representing all types of organisation involved in outsourcing (users, suppliers, third-party support), lobbying European governments and the European Parliament, and sharing best practice in offshoring.

The European Outsourcing Association hosted its first annual conference in Amsterdam last week. Details are available on its website.

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