Enterasys ships automated security manager

Enterasys Networks has started shipping software designed to target the systems of individual users in the event of an attack...

Enterasys Networks has started shipping software designed to target the systems of individual users in the event of an attack without disrupting the rest of the network.

NetSight Atlas Automated Security Manager (ASM) works with Enterasys' Dragon intrusion-detection system and its network switches. Together, the products allow companies to identify automatically a network port from which an attack is originating, quarantine users that are vulnerable and make policy changes without broad disruption.

The ASM technology is the first to give companies this sort of control when responding to network attacks, said Stan Schatt, an analyst at Forrester Research.

"This is a pretty powerful kind of improvement," he added. "You are not going to have to cut off an entire port if you see an intruder."

Enterasys' moves to incorporate more security functions in its network technology are similar to those being made by other suppliers, most notably Cisco Systems.

"What they are doing is integrating security into the infrastructure itself from a switching perspective," Schatt said.

Pricing information was not available.

Jaikumar Vijayan writes for Computerworld

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