Oracle meets real-time business information demand with Bam tool

Oracle will offer a Bam (business activity monitoring) tool, Business Activity Manager, as part of an upgrade to its application...

Oracle will offer a Bam (business activity monitoring) tool, Business Activity Manager, as part of an upgrade to its application server software due out in the middle of the year.
The Bam component will run on the existing Oracle10g Application server, released at the start of the year, and on Application Server 10.1.2, due out this summer. It will not, however, run on earlier releases such as Application Server 9i, said Thomas Kurian, senior vice-president of Oracle Server Technologies. 

Included in Business Activity Manager are the ability to detect, correlate and analyse separate events such as RFID scans, bar code readings, or events out of an enterprise application or a supply-chain process event.

The idea is to provide businesses with near real-time data about events happening in their business, such as the failure of a parts shipment to arrive, and to understand how that event will affect other parts of a business, such as its ability to deliver finished products.

Kurian said the application is unique in that it can correlate both traditional historical events out of a data warehouse with real-time events.

"It is the only tool that combines both, and it can start a business process," said Kurian.

Oracle also said its Customer Data Hub, which lets users gather information about customers from a variety of locations and store it in a single repository, will be offered as a standalone product in the middle of the year. It already ships as part of Oracle's E Business applications suite.

Pricing for the Business Activity Monitor and Customer Data Hub will be announced nearer the products' release.

Ephraim Scwartz and James Niccolai write for Infoworld

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