Citrix unveils MetaFrame Access Suite 3.0

Citrix Systems has unveiled the latest version of its flagship product, MetaFrame Access Suite 3.0.

Citrix Systems has unveiled the latest version of its flagship product, MetaFrame Access Suite 3.0.

One feature the company touted was the software's SmoothRoaming capability, which gives users uninterrupted access to data. 

The software includes session-persistent features that automatically re-establish network connections, while preserving the information when the connection is lost. It also includes a password manager that provides for single sign-on, as well as user recognition capabilities that work with biometrics identification and proximity cards. 

MetaFrame Access Suite 3.0 also offers a secure platform for regulatory compliance, SSL gateway protection, collaborative working environments and improved management and control of IT resources.

Prices range from $299 to $599 per concurrent user.

Patrick Thibodeau writes for Computerworld

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