SAS launches BI platform and apps

SAS Institute unveiled its SAS 9 business intelligence platform yesterday.

SAS Institute unveiled its SAS 9 business intelligence platform yesterday.

The platform includes data integration, enhanced analytics, and refined user interfaces designed to drive BI beyond the traditional querying and reporting domain of the high-end business analyst to users throughout the enterprise.

The company also released details of applications designed to exploit the new platform, including suites for marketing automation, financial management, strategic performance management and supplier relationship management.

The BI platform, which is now shipping, includes data integration through the SAS Enterprise ETL Server, intelligence storage, advanced analytics, portal functionality, and query and reporting via the SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Server.

SAS 9 data integration supports data quality and a common metadata repository designed to ensure the reliability of information across IT systems, while the ETL server is designed to cleanse and integrate data into a common, usable data store to offer consistent answers to BI questions.

Enhanced analytics include predictive and descriptive modelling, forecasting, simulation, and optimisation to make it easier to answer complex question that cannot be addressed by traditional BI.

The SAS data mining and text mining software have been fitted with new Java interfaces designed to allow enterprises easier analysis of both structured data and unstructured text. The interface is designed to allow data mining users to extract business knowledge from vast data stores and then create results that can be integrated within operational systems.

SAS Marketing Automation will be the first in SAS' family of customer intelligence applications to be launched on the new platform. These apps will be tailored to address marketing automation, marketing optimisation, and customer retention. They are designed to give organisations insight to develop and implement smarter customer strategies while boosting profitability.

All seven of the new applications for SAS 9 are scheduled to be available this year.

Heather Havenstein writes for InfoWorld

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