Real-time synchronisation with ObjectCache 2.0

ObjectStore - a division of data management company Progress Software - has released ObjectCache Version 2.0, which aims to...

ObjectStore - a division of data management company Progress Software - has released ObjectCache Version 2.0, which aims to include integration with corporate databases through its data source synchronisation (DSS) capability.

ObjectCache non-invasively extends corporate databases to improve the scalability and performance of the systems that depend on them, and allows companies to add new services based on access to their existing customer data at the same time. 

The introduction of DSS allows applications to identify part or all of an existing corporate database to be cached in the middle tier. That data is kept transactionally consistent; changes to the cache are transparently synchronised with the data source, and vice versa. 

ObjectCache also features the patented Cache-Forward architecture, which aims to allow heterogeneous, distributed middle-tier caches to share data, with full transactional support for reads, writes, updates and deletes.

Cached data is accessed at in-memory speeds, resulting in real-time performance and scalability. In addition, ObjectCache is said to allow derived data to be created and stored in the middle tier, which aims to enable new services to be added that extend existing, stable systems.

The Orange group is using ObjectCache as part of a real-time customer service operation that receives 60 million enquiries every year, with 750 million calls handled by its interactive voice response system.

With ObjectCache, Orange has extended exponentially the utility of its customer data to support the transaction requirements of tens of millions of subscriber interactions handled by its multisite call centre operation.

By distributing middle-tier caches, ObjectCache is designed to allow applications to scale in a predictable fashion, with no additional stress on the company's data sources. Customers can use existing investments while deploying more cost-effective hardware and software, such as Linux, Windows, and JBOSS, in the middle tier. It is agnostic to application server architecture, including support for J2EE application servers such as BEA and WebSphere, and Corba application middle-tier servers. This heterogeneous architecture aims to ensure flexibility and scalability in deployment. 

ObjectCache is said to provide a 10 to 1 000 times boost in performance over files or relational caching methods through its patented Virtual Memory Mapping Architecture (VMMA), which simplifies a developer's need to hand-code scalable cache management functionality.

Written by Computing SA staff

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