Fujitsu opts for EMC storage products

EMC has signed up Fujitsu Siemens Computer (FSC) as a reseller of EMC disc storage products, only days after Fujitsu announced...

EMC  has signed up Fujitsu Siemens Computer (FSC) as a reseller of EMC disc storage products, only days after Fujitsu announced the world's first 300GB enterprise class hard drive. The extended supply agreement between EMC and FSC will last through to 2008.

Adrian Hammerstein, FSC's president and chief executive officer, said: "EMC's networked storage systems and software are key components of our business critical computing solutions." He stressed that EMC and FSC are working together "at all levels, from engineering to sales and service".

Garry Owen, head of enterprise marketing for FSC, said: "We certainly do use drives from Fujitsu. The EMC agreement is for drive subsystems or entire systems like Symmetrix. We use Fujitsu drives as part of the family from notebooks to PCs and servers."

FSC does use Fujitsu drives but in the case of storage products opts for EMC's Clariion, resold as FibreCAT, and also Symmetrix, Celerra file servers and Centera fixed content arrays.

"Fujitsu storage systems in some senses are similar to EMC's. We don't market them as a rule in Europe for two reasons," said Owen. "The first is to do with an inherited Siemens/EMC contract. Fujitsu owns half of FSC with Siemens owning the other half. Siemens negotiated a supply contract with EMC before Fujitsu came on the scene and FSC inherited the contract."

The second reason is that although "Fujitsu storage subsystem products are world-class, the difference is they're really designed to work with other Fujitsu products, revolving mostly around mainframes. The EMC products are designed for heterogeneous environments," which is the market FSC sells into.

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