Veritas updates Foundation Suite

Veritas Software has upgraded its Foundation Suite SW and ported it to Cisco Systems' MDS 9000 San switch..

Veritas Software has upgraded its Foundation Suite SW and ported it to Cisco Systems' MDS 9000 San switch.

The update builds on Veritas' existing storage utility computing products - NetBackup, Data Lifecycle Manager and CommandCentral Service - by providing what the company calls "a complete tool for online storage management".

Jose Iglesias, vice-president of product management at Veritas, said the upgrade "brings our customers one step closer to adopting a utility computing environment, maximising utilisation and reducing overall costs".

Storage Foundation 4.0 offers information lifecyle management (ILM), provisioning and heterogeneous server file-sharing services. It also increases storage network load balancing and disc utilisation.

The key products within the renamed Foundation Suite are Veritas' Volume Manager and its File System. Volume Manager groups physical discs into logical pools. Veritas' File System shares files between Windows, Linux and Unix servers using a technology called Portable Data Containers.

The latest suite can move files between different tiers of storage based on settable usage policies, for example, from fibre channel disk to SATA arrays. This is similar to aspects of StorageTek's ILM SW.

Administrators can provision storage for applications using templates. Storage controllers can be made to spread storage network demands across multiple paths. Volume and file snapshots can be taken. The SW can also backup and restore volume layouts as well as files.

Storage mapping can locate and correct for storage hotspots, thus increasing performance. There is specific support for Oracle, Oracle RAC, Sybase, DB2 and Veritas' Cluster File System.

Veritas is preparing the ground for storage utility computing, either from a server or from an intelligent switch such as the MDS9000 or, we expect, Brocade's Fabric AP7420. The company is, reportedly, buying Ejasent to provide policy-based utility computing technology.

Veritas Storage Foundation 4.0 is available now with prices starting at $2,495.

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