Network Associates delivers managed firewall protection

Network Associates has released the latest version of McAfee Desktop Firewall ASaP, a managed, host-based firewall technology for...

Network Associates has released the latest version of McAfee Desktop Firewall ASaP, a managed, host-based firewall technology for the desktops of small and medium businesses.
McAfee Desktop Firewall ASaP is a complete, cost-effective firewall security service that monitors, controls and logs a computer's network and system activity.

It will provide immediate protection to small to medium businesses, which have limited staff and lack the resources needed to effectively maintain their desktop security, said the company.

"The entire product family of McAfee Security's ASaP services has been designed to provide administrators with the assurance that they have the most robust solution in place to secure their desktop, while saving their organisation time, money and maintenance, " said Network Associates regional director Christopher Bray.  

"McAfee Desktop Firewall ASaP offers updated functionality for unparalleled firewall protection, helping to block unwanted traffic that would otherwise disrupt a company's online experience."

The firewall aims to block unauthorised network access and data theft, and stop known hacks, nukes, Trojans and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. It also offers quick deployment and automatic product updates via the internet.

McAfee Desktop Firewall ASaP also uses bandwidth-friendly McAfee Rumor Technology to manage security challenges.

Rumor aims to provide the advanced mechanism for keeping the firewall service up to date. By using secure, peer-to-peer communication to distribute product updates between desktops, Rumor is designed to minimise the number of desktops that have to obtain product updates via the internet.

With Rumor, desktops share updates automatically and independently of any interaction with a network administrator or end-user, saving valuable company bandwidth and resources.

With support for Windows 2000 and XP, McAfee Desktop Firewall ASaP can automatically protect upon computer start-up, and immediately monitor the flow of information in and out of the organisation.

Written by Computing SA staff

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