IBM launches Thinkpad X40 in US

IBM is to bring the ThinkPad X40 notebook to US customers next week.

IBM is to bring the ThinkPad X40 notebook to US customers next week.

The X40 is already available in Japan and several other countries in Asia.

Technical specifications posted on IBM's website indicate the X40 comes with a "1.0GHz ultra low-voltage Intel mobile processor".

The particular chip is not specified, but the specifications indicate that the chip has 1Mbyte of Level 2 cache, which would apply to the Pentium M processor.

The X40 also features a 12.1in display, 256Mbytes of memory and a 20Gbyte hard drive. It weighs a minimum of 2.7lbs. Pricing information was not available.

IBM sells the X31 notebook in the US for a base price of $1,349.

Tom Krazit writes for IDG News Service


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