K-PAR unveils latest version of Archimedia

Archiving supplier K-PAR Archiving Software has announced version 4.3 of its Archimedia product.

Archiving supplier K-PAR Archiving Software has announced version 4.3 of its Archimedia product.

Archimedia is a hierarchical storage management product for the Windows NT/2000/2003/XP and Solaris operating systems. It provides a simple and intuitive software interface that enables centralised network management of CD/DVD and MO standalone drives as well as automated storage libraries for desktop, workgroup and enterprise archival storage applications.

"Archimedia [now provides] lower cost management for Windows and open system end users," K-PAR managing director Graham Irving claims.

K-PAR has also announced Archimedia support for the Sony 23GB Professional disc for DataA drive, a blue laser-based product offering 23 GB of capacity per single-sided disk and a sustained data transfer rate of 11 MBps.

The company said it was "ideal for professional data-intensive applications, such as document and medical imaging, e-mail archiving, enterprise content management, multimedia projects, graphics design and audio/video editing".

K-PAR will also offer software support services for MagnaVault archival storage management software for Linux and Unix-based operating systems. MagnaVault support was officially discontinued by San Diego-based BakBone Software last November.

Michael Johnson, director of business development for K-PAR, said, "This is the first step in providing a bridge from the past into the future for MagnaVault customers. Early in 2004, K-PAR plans to offer a software migration path for legacy MagnaVault customers seeking greater capacity, higher performance and a long-term storage technology roadmap."

The price for Archimedia 4.3 in a standalone DVD drive is £495 ($907). The price for a 120-slot jukebox version is £2,450.

Version 4.3 now adds support for ATAPI CD/DVD drive connectivity; FAT-32 support for legacy Magneto-Optical (MO) media; UDF v2.01; Microsoft Windows Server 2003 platform; improved XFS volume set access and security control, and an interactive On-Line Help facility.

Chris Mellor writes for Techworld.com

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