Website boost for Java and .net developers

Developers are benefiting from websites catering for the Java and .net platforms.

Developers are benefiting from websites catering for the Java and .net platforms.
On the Java side, Sun Microsystems has consolidated the multitude of developer sites operated under the auspices of the Sun Developer Network. Sun resources for developers, including information pertaining to development on wireless and Solaris systems, can now be found at a free, single portal, at

As part of the consolidation, users will only have to register once and navigation is easier.

Sun also has added a feature called Forum Watch, which notifies developers when information changes in a forum in which they have taken part. Forums function under a question-and-answer format.

Users also can set up or participate in virtual user groups on specific topics.

Next month, Sun will launch the website 2.0, which is intended to be independent of Sun and features hosted code.

Developers can contribute to projects featured on the site, which Sun co-sponsors with O'Reilly & Associates and CollabNet. New in version 2.0 are enhanced project management and a community directory to make it easier for developers to find projects.  E-mail filtering is also being added

Meanwhile, The Middleware Company is launching TheServerSide.NET, a free, online resource for enterprise .net and architects and developers.

A sibling of the company's site for Java developers, the .net site will provide news, technical case studies, design patterns, and even satire for .net developers while serving as a medium for knowledge exchange.

Middleware is expanding its reach to .net in recognition of the development technology's presence in enterprises.

Sponsors include Microsoft, Borland Software and DataDirect.

Paul Krill writes for InfoWorld

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