Sony tailors content for Intel phone chips

Sony Music Entertainment is to develop content that works closely with Intel's mobile phone processors.

Sony Music Entertainment is to develop content that will work closely with Intel's mobile phone processors.

Future mobile applications and content from Sony will be developed with Intel's Personal Client Architecture (PCA) in mind. Music videos, images and songs are some of the initial applications under consideration for the joint development project.

Intel and Sony want to improve portable device multimedia application performance to persuade more users to purchase mobile devices and content at the same rates at which they purchase PC-based multimedia content.

Most users are unable or unwilling to download and run sizable media files on their phones at present, but executives from both companies feel that in the future mobile devices will be just as important to the multimedia enthusiast as the home theatre

The first products are expected to arrive next year. As part of the project, Intel and Sony will also work on applications which will let users run multimedia content stored on their PCs on their mobile  phones.

Intel is a relatively new entrant to the mobile phone market, but has carved out a place for its XScale chips based on PCA in the market for personal digital assistants.

Tom Krazit writes for IDG News Service

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