FSLogic software aims to safeguard shared PCs

Software firm FSLogic will introduce a product that saves Windows system settings and retrieves user configurations without...

Software firm FSLogic will introduce a product that saves Windows system settings and retrieves user configurations without rebooting.

FSLogic Protect uses what the company calls a "file system layer" technology which tracks applications' file systems and registry footprints.

Each layer contains a collection of files and data, such as user preferences, that can be archived, moved and deleted without changing the underlying Windows installation.

In a shared, networked environment the technology can give users a consistent computing experience across PCs, FSLogic said, as well as allow administrators to delete all changes made by unknown users when the user logs off.

The company said that the technology can reduce system costs and downtime while offering a greater level of control over computer security.

Martyn Tovey, a security analyst with Netcraft, said that he had not heard of a similar kind of technology. Normally, in a corporate environment system access and configuration is controlled by domains, he said, but this software would allow computing controls to be placed on unknown users.

FSLogic Protect works on any PC running Microsoft's Windows 2000 or XP software. No pricing information was available.

Scarlett Pruitt writes for IDG News Service


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