Nokia unveils mobile access system

Nokia has created a server-based product which formats corporate e-mail, documents and other content for viewing on mobile data...

Nokia has created a server-based product which formats corporate e-mail, documents and other content for viewing on mobile data devices.

The product, Nokia Access Mobilizer, allows companies to provide mobile workers with access to their intranets without having to install special software on each client or reformat content, said Nokia spokesman Michael Cabot. It also makes use of companies' existing security infrastructure by residing behind corporate firewalls.

The Access Mobilizer, consisting of both software and hardware, supports any browser-enabled device but works best on smart phones and wireless PDAs designed for mobile data communications. The technology automatically detects the type of mobile device and adapts content to fit into the display for easy viewing. 

"When users log in with their password, the system recognises the device and security requirements and formats content in a way to make it relevant and viewable," Cabot said.

"By relevant, I mean the software will intuitively omit large graphics and provide instead some other indication of this content, such as a headline. Users will need to view these types of graphics on systems with larger screens."

All transmitted data is retained on the original server - and not on the mobile device - to avoid the risk of exposing corporate information on misplaced devices.

The software used in the Access Mobilizer was developed by Eizel Technologies, which Nokia acquired earlier this year. The hardware consists of a server from Nokia.

The product is immediately available in Europe and the US, with global availability expected next year. It will cost between $50-80 per user per year, depending on volume.

John Blau writes for IDG News Service

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