3Com returns to router business

3Com is returning to the router business after a three-year absence in response to customer demand.

3Com is returning to the router business after a three-year absence in response to customer demand.

"We think we've matched Cisco with our end-to-end offering," said Nick Tidd, director of go-to-market strategy at 3Com.

3Com returns with the Router 5000 family of products, which is expected to begin shipping next month. All of the routers ship with the maximum memory configuration.

"Some vendors ship with only a base configuration and make you buy additional as you go," Tidd said. "We ship with 2,506MB of memory, while others only start at 64MB. Customers are tired of being gouged."

Tidd added that the family of routers is standards based and does not use proprietary protocols.

3Com also introduced 3Com Network Administrator, a management application which works with 3Com gear and equipment from other suppliers.

The four new routers target medium-sized enterprises and small regional offices. Later this year, 3Com will target both low-end and high-end enterprise customers with more routers.

Scott Tyler Schafer writes for InfoWorld

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