Software AG extends EntireX communications broker to .net and Java

Software AG is extending its EntireX communications broker to Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and Microsoft .net applications,...

Software AG is extending its EntireX communications broker to Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and Microsoft .net applications, enabling these systems to pass information back and forth to other platforms. 

EntireX Communicator 7.1.1, enables enterprises to open existing IT systems to the web or other servers as Microsoft .net or Java objects. The software enables communications between mainframes and Java systems.  A mainframe-based green screen application can be made available in an internet browser, for example. 

"EntireX is a communications broker that allows companies to connect a Cobol system to a CICS system or Cobol to Java to transmit information back and forth," said Joe Gentry, director of product marketing at Software AG. 

Intorduced as a proprietary communications broker 10 years ago, EntireX later added support for technologies such as Corba and web services, Gentry said. The product competes with technologies such as IBM's MQ Series platform. 

New features in Version 7.1.1 include:

  • Wrapper technology enabling Microsoft .Net users to generating integration objects for .Net environments.A Java Message Service (JMS) interface adapte, to open up EntireX to applications that use a standard J2EE interface.
  • EJB support extending the EntireX Java wrapper to application servers.
  • The ability to register Web services generated in EntireX in a UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) registry. 

Additionally, EntireX XML wrapper technology for exposing and wrapping existing applications as web services has been extended in version 7.1.1 with an XML-RPC server. This enables mission-critical applications written in Cobol to talk to any web services as if it were calling a local subprogram,. 

Portions of EntireX run on each communicating platform, such as on a mainframe and a Unix or Windows system.

EntireX 7.1.1 prices start at $50,000. The product is available now on all major operating systems except VSE, which will be supported in a later release.

Paul Krill writes for InfoWorld

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