IBM debuts Linux-based WebSphere integration

IBM has improved its WebSphere Business Integration Connect to help users better integrate and manage a business-to-business...

IBM has improved its WebSphere Business Integration Connect to help users better integrate and manage a business-to-business trading community made up of partners, suppliers and users.

Version 4.2, which now supports Linux, is designed to help users stitch together internal applications by building an integrated trading partner community. One of the benefits of this is allowing companies to respond faster to a range of different requirements made by their trading partners,.

IBM, through its Global Services unit, and Viacom will bolster the new version with a number of community integration services. Viacore for instance, an IBM business partner, will offer a suite of inter-company integration products and services for users wanting to build trading communities to manage both mid-market and enterprise-class trading environments. It will also provide solutions through WebSphere Business Integration Connect and will complement it with other offerings in the WebSphere Business Integration portfolio.

"We think this product will help companies overcome many of the obstacles associated with managing information among trading partners from very small to very large," said Marie Wieck, IBM's vice president in charge of WebSphere Business Integration.

The low-end version of WebSphere Business Integration Connect will be aimed at small and midsized businesses, The Advanced Edition is intended for companies wanting to connect to an expanding number of trading partners, and the Enterprise Edition has features and capabilities similar to the Advanced Edition but is priced more appropriately to manage large trading communities.

The entry level version will cost $500 per processor while the Enterprise Edition will be priced at $150,000 per processor.

The product is scheduled to ship by the end of this quarter.

Ed Scannell writes for infoWorld

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