Wakesoft enables services-oriented architecture

Wakesoft has released Version 4 of its Wakesoft Architecture Platform, which will provide services provisioning for Java-based...

Wakesoft has released Version 4 of its Wakesoft Architecture Platform, which will provide services provisioning for Java-based, services-oriented systems.

The product, formerly known as Wakesoft Architecture Server, which remains as the core of the platform. Wakesoft's system provides for simplified Java development for deployment of application servers.

This latest version will allow our customers to provision dynamically what were previously internal processes as web services, such as balance transfers in an e-commerce application, said Walter Hurst, Wakesoft founder and chief technology officer.

Web services enable easier integration with partners or other projects, he added.

Wakesoft Architecture Server has enabled "a separation of concerns", in which developers focus on business logic and systems architects concentrate on extending services, according to Wakesoft officials. 

WakeSoft Architecture Platform adds the following functions to the Architecture Server:

  • Business services provisioning, for structuring core business logic of a system into business services
  • Real-time business and IT event visibility via Architecture Monitor, providing IT and business level event information
  • Dynamic configuration of production systems via Architecture Manager - changes can be made to applications without having to restart the application server

An analyst described Wakesoft's offering as an architecture server on top of a middleware architecture.

"Wakesoft is one of the few companies that is focused on building a tool that supports a services-oriented architecture (SOA) out of the box," said Jason Bloomberg, senior analyst at ZapThink.

"[Wakesoft's platform] provides the development environment as well as management and other capabilities that are needed to build an SOA," Bloomberg said.

But Wakesoft will face a challenge in that it has to provide the correct adapters, management services and development tools, said Bloomberg.

Wakesoft Architecture Platform is available for the IBM WebSphere and BEA Systems WebLogic application servers for $35,000 (£22,000) per CPU plus $4,995 (£3,140) per developer seat.

Paul Krill writes for InfoWorld

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