CA sharpens on-demand computing focus

Computer Associates' CA World annual user conference opens on Monday (14 July) in Las Vegas, with the company promising to flesh...

Computer Associates' CA World annual user conference opens on Monday (14 July) in Las Vegas, with the company promising to flesh out its strategy for automating IT management.

At the end of April CA introduced a number of additions for its flagship Unicenter systems management suite designed to add on-demand computing into the product.

Tony Martin, UK country manager at CA ,said, "Our vision is to take sophistication out of IT. "

CA, he added, is taking a different approach to on-demand computing to the rest of the industry.

"Why change all your hardware and software to implement management on demand?" he asked. "We want to protect users' IT investments."

Among the modules being introduced is one that allows IT systems to be reconfigured dynamically.

Martin said, "If you know what's going on in the network, there is no reason you cannot bring a blade server online and install Linux automatically."

Building on the company's neural networks-based agent technology, Martin said CA would be offering "an intelligent infrastructure to determine processing on demand". The line-up of tools includes Unicenter NSM Dynamic Reconfiguration and Unicenter Software Delivery 4.0.

NSM is designed to monitor business service levels. According to CA it can anticipate when more capacity is needed to improve performance, and triggers the immediate allocation of more capacity.

The Unicenter Software Delivery 4.0 provides self-healing and provisioning for applications and operating systems. CA said this product will offer automated provisioning and reallocation of resources to accommodate changes in business demand. It also manages software interdependencies to ensure that on-demand infrastructure functions properly.

Along with on-demand computing, CA is also expected to present its management strategy for Linux systems, wireless computing and web services.

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