Enterprise modelling tools aim to cut costs

Systems management suppliers are forging business activity monitoring-based modelling capabilities to streamline executive...

Systems management suppliers are forging business activity monitoring-based modelling capabilities to streamline executive decision-making to meet the demand for access to real-time business data.

BMC Software, Computer Associates International, Hewlett-Packard, Intersperse and Tivoli Systems are among the companies rolling out products that automate the provisioning of IT resources based on service-level agreements.

They are offering enterprises modelling tools as a way of reducing operating costs through the tight integration of IT processes with business decision-making.

BMC has adopted a strategy called Business Service Management to pursue this vision, and will roll out components integrating its repository software, Remedy Asset Management, with its event correlation application, MasterCell.

These applications in turn will integrate with BMC's event management application, Patrol Enterprise Manager. This autumn, MasterCell will be rolled into Patrol Enterprise Management. The products complement BMC's Patrol End-to-End Response Timer, which monitors and models end-to-end transactions.

Meanwhile, Computer Associates is in the midst of a two-year rollout of its Managing on Demand program. A key component of the program is delivering application and infrastructure performance data as a service.

"The most critical aspect of that is to take your infrastructure, including the systems, databases, and network, and to build a model to see how they relate to the components of the actual business practices," said David Hochhauser, vice president of Unicenter brand management at CA.

Dynamic Dependency Mapping, a component of Unicenter, collects and manages data from WebMethods to determine the various steps that make up the completed business process. This in turn is mapped to the infrastructure services that are being used to deliver the business process.

CA already offers WebMethods APIs, will release additional APIs to support the wares of other major EAI suppliers later this year.

HP's OpenView division has developed a  Business Impact Analysis module (BIA), which will plug in to OpenView and allow IT executives to set up a flow-based business process model and SLAs.

The BIA module will also set thresholds for notification and action. It will be able to react either when an infrastructure event occurs or when a business action is required.

The module will be available as an engineering release late this autumn and for general availability by the end of the year.

IBM Tivoli's systems management tool will incorporate Think Dynamics' application for automating system resources on the fly based on a set of policies and business processes.

"Think Dynamics will show up in our Business Service Management portfolio. It will revolutionize the way we are doing provisioning and the configuration of systems," said Don O'Toole, director of marketing for Tivoli.

Meanwhile, IT management company Intersperse will introduce its SLA management module for IT this autumn.

Ephraim Schwartz writes for InfoWorld

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