Computer Associates partners with SteelCloud

Computer Associates International and security software company SteelCloud will deliver CA's eTrust family of security technology...

Computer Associates International and security platform company SteelCloud will deliver CA's eTrust family of security technology in the form of rack-mounted appliances  "hardened" to reduce their vulnerability to attack.

SteelCloud will soon offer a family of enterprise security appliances using eTrust antivirus and intrusion detection technology, the company said yesterday.

The SteelCloud Anti-Virus Gateway (AVG) 3000 will run CA's eTrust Antivirus software, and will sell for just under $20,000. It is equipped with an Intel Pentium 4 processor with 800MHz front-side bus.

The SteelCloud AVG 5000 will start at just over $20,000 and is equipped with dual Intel Xeon processors with a 533MHz front-side bus.

Both models come with dual Ethernet ports. The 3000 model features one 10/100 port for Internet access and one copper-based gigabit port for an internal network connection. The 5000 model comes standard with dual copper Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Customers also have the option of dual fibre-based Gigabit Ethernet ports for the 5000 model.

The partnership with Computer Associates is SteelCloud's first attempt at packaging a hardware appliance under its own name and Computer Associates' first try at a security appliance.

SteelCloud specialises in developing secure hardware and software platforms that are then outfitted with specialised software and sold under other companies' brands through original equipment manufacturers.

The SteelCloud AVG appliances will be available in July and followed by a family of intrusion detection system (IDS) appliances that run CA's eTrust Intrusion Detection software and are scheduled for delivery in  the third quarter.

The AVG and IDS appliances will be sold through CA's existing channels and marketed to federal integrators and top-security  value added resellers in the US.

Pricing for both types of appliances will be set by the CA channel partner and will vary by the hardware platform and the number of devices protected.

Paul Roberts writes for IDG News Service

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