Attachmate boosts emulation

Attachmate has introduced three new emulation products at the CeBIT show.

Attachmate has introduced three new emulation products at the CeBIT show.

The products, myExtra Sharp Client, myExtra Presentation Builder, and myExtra Management Control Services, are designed to "modernise" legacy applications, according to Markus Nitschke, vice-president of marketing at Attachmate.

MyExtra Sharp Client is an emulator for C# that enables back-end applications to look like Windows XP. It is aimed at call centres and anywhere where speed of interaction is relevant, he said.

The software is in a preview phase. "Our plan is to have the C# piece launched by the end of this year," Nitschke said.

MyExtra Presentation Builder enables developers to put a J2EE or HTML interface on top of legacy systems. For instance, customers could tap into several back-end systems to create one HTML screen. Presentation Builder is in production and the company is preparing to formally launch the product.

Management and Control Services enables centralised management of all host-access systems, including both thick and thin clients. It runs directly on the mainframe and allows administrators to deploy to thick clients and to manage and administer systems.

Tom Sullivan writes for Infoworld

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